We are closed for the 2021 season.

Thank you for your understanding… we are managed by Mother Nature! The Johnsons.

Each season Willowbank U-Pick Farm is open to the public starting from September to the end of October. We do not offer u-pick vegetables and berries. 

U-pick Apples  –  SEASONAL – Unlike some Upicks we prefer not to offer our apples until they are ripe on the tree.

Gravenstein Apples September

MacIntosh Apples late September – October

Cortland Apples  late September – October

Jona Gold Apples late September – October

Three sized bags, 5lb, 10lb, 20lb, $1.00 per pound off the trees, $0.40 a pound windfalls.*

Bins or large quantities of pick your own of windfall apples call for info, 902 679 5023 but usually not until Oct.

During the season we are open daily except on very rainy days.  If questionable call 902 542 9153.  

Our main varieties of apples  include Gravenstien, McIntosh & Cortland.

Our new orchard that will reach production Fall 2022 will offer Honeycrisp, Gala, Golden Delicious and Ambrosia

Pick them by the bag – how much?  it’s your choice. Price is by the bag, small $5 (5 lbs) Medium $10 (10 lbs) and large $20 (20 lbs) * approximate weights.

With parking available in the orchard, we are accessible for everyone, including wheelchairs that are suitable for terrain similar to a rough lawn.

We prune our trees so that everyone in the family can reach that perfect apple.

Our orchards are marked at each end with the various variety of apples.

Pumpkins – Upick. ( now available )

Wander our field to find that perfect pumpkin for your front door display. Prices from $3.00 – $7.00 based on size

Also available for u-pick are our unique shapes and sizes of gourds. See who can find the most unusual shape.

We will also have display items for sale Thanksgiving weekend – straw bales, ornamental corn .

Call our farm hotline for more information on what is in season and for current prices 1-902-542-9153.

PLEASE NOTE: WE ACCEPT CASH OR DEBIT CARDS. For an additional fee we will accept Credit Cards. We are able to accept E-Transfers, but they are time consuming when we are busy so we encourage you not to use this method.

Specific questions email: info@willowbankupick.com