Farm Activities during the Apple U-pick

Customers of Willowbank U-Pick are invited to enjoy a variety of farm related activities. Scroll down for more information.

Make your own fun

Bring along a football or soccer ball or have a game of catch. If you have enough people- make a pyramid on the front lawn.

Farm Museum 

It’s a little dusty, but it is authentic.  See items relating to farming and horses from the past. The majority of these carriages and equipment were collected by David Johnson and his father A.E. Johnson. These two men were the founders of Willowbank Farm.

Equestrian Stables 

Built by A.E Johnson in 1962, the stables are now home to horses trained by the Johnson sisters. Take a stroll through, maybe they will be working with one of their hunter / jumpers.

Picnic Area

Bring along your own picnic and enjoy one of our various picnic areas. Tables are limited so bring along a blanket.

Dykeview Walk

Bring a pair of walking shoes and explore the dykeland along the Cornwallis River. Watch some of the highest tides from along the front of the farm. Wander down to the old grave yard which was used by the early settlers, the Starr Family and other interesting people.

Planters Monument

Make your way West along the river to the Planters monument and read about these New England settlers. We would be happy to point the way.

Petting Zoo*

Young and old alike will enjoy an upclose experience with the farm animals. Make sure to ask what their names are. See some of their pictures on the “animals” page.
* Bracelet Purchase Required

Haunted Barn*

Located at the check out area – children of all ages will enjoy the maze of hay.  Its a little dark and spooky.

* Bracelet  Purchase Required

Bouncing Barnyard*

Located on the side lawn, away from traffic sit back and watch the little ones play on our inflatable farm animals.  Make sure to bring your camera.  Continual Sanitation during busy times.

* Bracelet  Purchase Required

Hay Rides* – Weekends and Holidays

During the weekends, jump on board the Willowbank hay wagon. Great for the whole family.
* Bracelet Purchase Required

Corn Maze*
Due to crop rotation there isn’t a maze.
We Love creating the Willowbank maze. Perfect for young families who want to try a corn maze.

* Bracelet Purchase Required

* Activities Bracelet Purchase Required

To make things simple for you, these extra activities are available with the purchase of a $5.00 Adult / Child Willowbank U-Pick Bracelet per person (no charge for children 2 and under). Family max rate of $20. (6 people) Find out what is included each day at the time of your visit and purchase at the Farm Market.  We suggest supervision of your children at all times.