Getting to Willowbank U-Pick farm is Easy!

We are about an hour or 100 kms west of Metro Halifax on the 101 highway near Wolfville. However take the next Exit, # 11 off highway 101, Greenwich / Old Orchard Inn / Port Williams. Head down over the hill and straight through the traffic lights on hwy 358 North. See the little town a head, get there safely…. across the railway tracks and the dyke land (see our sign?) and over the bridge, welcome to Port Williams. Now Slow down we don’t travel too fast around here… we leave that pace to New Minas and it’s fast food restaurants.  In the middle of town you will come to our Baptist Church and the flashing orange light,(don’t stare at it) turn right onto Starr’s Point Road and drive a couple of Kms, you will pass Gate’s U-pick, they are nice people too but please come visit us so our farm animals and pets can meet you!  Once you pass the Wood ‘n Hive Honey store you are one minute away. PS the Wood ‘n Hive is super cool !

If you make it to the Historic Prescott House Provincial Museum tell Dad to turn around you just missed us. Here’s a thought, after joining us at Willowbank U-pick Farm visit the Museum and the other businesses and attractions who make up the “Starrs Point Loop”.

Hey remember the fantastic view of the Cornwallis River and farmland Directly across from Wolfville as you drove above the Campus of Acadia University while on the 101, that is where you are heading.

You can always Google or use MapQuest to find Starr’s Point Rd, Port Williams.  Or Just ask anyone on the side of the road once your in the Annapolis Valley.   Hope to see you soon.